Become A Chocolatier


After greeting our new chocolatiers in training, our staff assists the young chefs as they wash their hands and put on their aprons. Then we gather in our kitchen for a run down of the menu specials of the day.

First up on the menu...Chocolate Pizza! Each child is given a rice crispie “dough ball” that they roll out on a plate to make their “pizza crust”. Then they spread melted milk chocolate “pizza sauce” onto their crust. Next up... lots of pizza toppings!!! Fun stuff like, gummie bears, sour patch kids, sixlets, gummie worms, chocolate chips, sweedish fish etc… Let’s not forget the “parmesan cheese” shakers filled with rainbow sprinkles and lots of “mozzarella cheese” melted white chocolate in squeeze bottles.


Our downloadable brochure will show you all the prices and party options. More questions or concerns? Or maybe you're ready to book! Call our Party Coordinator today! 


For Pricing & Details, View our Party Brochure

Uniquely Sweet Birthday Party (pdf)


Every Great Party Needs a Cake!... Let us customize yours!

You can print these at home, but for best results, we recommend e-mailing the files to the Grayslake UPS Store. There are 4 invites on a page, and it would be back-sided. A heavy stock paper works best. They'll cut them for you on request! It'll be about a quarter an invite! Don't forget to let them know how many invites you'd want printed! The Grayslake UPS information is as follows:

Phone: 847-231-5680

Address: 1862 E. Belvidere Rd. Grayslake, IL 60030

PARTY INVITE front (pdf)


PARTY INVITE back (pdf)


Download Our Catering Menu

Friends, family members or parents staying for the party?! Download our catering menu below from our sister store, Somethings Brewing. You can call us to place your order (847-548-0001). 

Please note... other unapproved outside food is not allowed in the party room. 

CatMenu_AUG 2018 (pdf)