Corporate Gifts & Events

Individually Wrapped Customized Gifts

Ready to bring something SWEET to your next corporate event or party? We are professionals at making your vision come alive! We will work with you and your budget to meet your needs!

From small to large events, we are happy to assist you...

We'll start by helping you pick out the perfect gourmet chocolates and candies. Then we will create your design based on any custom colors and personalized text you may want on them. After that, we will help you decide how you will want everything packaged... This can include custom tags and/or custom stickers for individual packaging.

Already have something unique in mind? We can create it!!! Give us a call and our design professionals are ready to assist you in selecting the perfect treats!

Corporate Chocolate Trays & Baskets

If you are planning a special occasion that involves a group of people, choose one of our chocolate candy trays. They're perfect for sharing. If you are looking for the perfect gift, we'll fill up a flat wicker basket with our delicious confections, wrap it with clear 

Candy Tray General Pricing


  • Petite Candy Tray $35.95
  • Small Candy Tray $45.95


  • Intermediate Candy Tray $55.95
  • Medium Candy Tray $79.95


  • Large Candy Tray $99.95
  • Extra Large $129.95