If temperatures at the destination address or along the way are consistently at or above 70°F, we will cold pack your shipment. This is not a guarantee against melting, and we cannot assume responsibility, but this will lengthen the time the product can be in transit. No matter how much insulation, if a package is left on the doorstep all day, the chocolate will melt. 

Please choose a shipping destination where someone will be there and be able to sign for the package, and bring it in from the heat.

If you're willing to assume the risk, we will ship it cold packed… if the destination is more than 2 days away, we HIGHLY suggest opting and paying for a faster shipping method. If temperatures will be over 85 degrees, we will hold your shipment until temperatures drop. 

If you’re unsure please give us a call during normal business Hours (Monday - Friday 9am-5pm, Saturday 10am-5 Central Time) and we will be happy to help guide you!

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Shipping is included in your purchase of $25 or more - exclusions apply: On any order, we currently we do not ship outside of the US territory. We do ship to all United States, but Alaska, Hawaii & Puerto Rico are not included in promotional shipping offer.